Quality of working life at Teréga

Quality of working life at Teréga

Teréga is committed to making the improvement of working conditions and professional development a priority in order to unleash the energy and innovative spirit of its employees. The aim is to unite them in a common objective: accelerate the energy transition.

Well-being in the workplace to release energies

Beyond simple questions of safety and physical and mental health, quality of working life (QWL) is a genuine organisational issue for Teréga. It builds up a physical and relational environment where individual well-being contributes to collective success, in a cooperative and cross-disciplinary approach.

At Teréga, QWL is expressed through four areas of commitment:

  • promoting job satisfaction

Against a backdrop of major changes in our businesses, we are implementing tangible actions to improve our employees’ working conditions, develop their skills and secure their career paths in line with their aspirations. We are also committed to promoting work-life balance. In particular, we offer services to simplify the life of our employees and support them when they encounter complex personal situations.

  • valuing involvement

The energy deployed by each employee contributes to making Teréga a key player in the energy transition. Recognising the work accomplished, valuing skills and areas of expertise, or encouraging initiatives and innovations are all assets that foster collective success.

  • striving to be a responsible company

As a responsible employer, we are committed to ensuring diversity and equal opportunity within our company. As we are deeply involved in the life of the regions to which we belong, we give our employees the opportunity to get involved in activities that create social ties, to make commitment to others a strong value of cohesion.

  • transforming change into opportunity

The energy transition is profoundly transforming the energy sectors. Teréga supports its employees in these changes by promoting their personal and professional development in a caring environment.

Our flagship programme: Capital Forme

Designed in partnership with the performance unit of Elan Béarnais, a basketball club in Pau, Capital Forme is a programme that aims to develop the physical, mental and social well-being of Teréga employees.

Capital forme

(physical well-being)

Muscle strengthening and flexibility programme with Elan Béarnais coaches, yoga, Pilates and Tai chi chuan classes;

(mental well-being)

Conferences and workshops in small groups to learn how to manage your time, stress and mental load, etc.

(social well-being)

Participation in Capital Forme sports events and support for the organisation of sports, cultural, social or festive events between employees via a dedicated application.