Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies: Teréga’s endowment fund

In 2020, Teréga created its own endowment fund to strengthen its commitment to society and the environment. Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies supports philanthropic projects to encourage the development of our regions, with respect for their people and environment.

Endowment fund

Fonds de dotation Teréga

About the Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies endowment fund

Our endowment fund supports projects of common interest, encouraging economic, social, sporting and cultural development across our regions.

Endowment fund governance and patronage policy

How is the endowment fund organised? How are projects selected? Here you will find all the information you need about how Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies works.

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Contact us or submit a project

Visit this page to submit a request for a grant or to ask us a question about the Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies endowment fund.