Discover all the facets of our safety commitment

Because we are a responsible gas operator and a recognised manager of transport and storage infrastructures, the safety of people and property is our chief responsibility. In a changing context where energy, environmental and human issues are at stake, our commitment is to guarantee constant operational excellence. Our PARI 2025 strategic programme aims to meet the ambition of safety that has developed many facets.

Security, a strategic priority for Teréga

Techniciens de maintenance Teréga à Montauban

Our PARI 2025 programme

Initiated in 2018, the PARI 2025 programme (Prevention of Accidents and Industrial Risks) aims to strengthen knowledge and control of the most important risks in our business.

Teréga employees in open space

Safety and cybersecurity

Because threats evolve, our system analyses, anticipates and prioritises risks... To respond to these major challenges, our PARI 2025 programme is committed to: “Zero surprise”.

Maintenance technician on a gas isolating station

Health and safety

Workplace safety is one of our major commitments. Because it involves the women and men of our teams and our partners, our goal with PARI 2025 is: “Zero accidents”.

Safety meeting point on a Teréga storage site

Industrial safety

The industrial safety of our gas transport and storage infrastructures is an ongoing priority. We implement a policy of risk prevention and control, monitoring and protection, to succeed in a declared ambition: “Zero snagging”.