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Terēga… a name with a powerful sound, modern and easy to memorize.

It evokes the countries in which we operate, the networks we develop and, of course, gas, a key energy of the energy transition.
Our vision of the essential role of gas in the energy transition is our horizon.

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To accelerate the energy transition with gas

We are convinced that gas is required as an energy of the future because it can allow a real acceleration to the energy model of tomorrow.

For several years, the energy sector has experienced major disruptions and must face unprecedented challenges : combating global warming, an energy system without carbon, creation of a European energy market, strengthening regulations, etc.
We believe that gas may make the connection between the historical model, based in large part on centralised and essentially fossil production, and the model of the future, with no carbon footprint due to a diversified energy mix, predominantly renewable, from more delocalised sources.


In the service of an energy of the future : gas

A major participant in gas transportation and storage, in France and in Europe, we are determined to make gas an accelerator of energy transition.

The producer-consumer relationship and the creation of new “multi-energy” systems are based on our efficient and highly secure architecture of systems and storage. For this reason, we continue to invest in our infrastructures while betting on new technologies, such as Power to Gas, to enable the energies of tomorrow to be completed.


Make gas energy twice as positive

Country view around some gas installations, France

Positive, first because natural gas has a rare quality of bringing a high energy content together with an environmental footprint which is intrinsically limited.

Positive, also because by completely offsetting our CO2 emissions and systematically rebuilding the ecosystems crossed by our work sites, we undertake to eliminate this environmental footprint by 2020 and to make it positive after 2020. It is our BE Positif programme.


A local, effective and responsible system

Located at the crossroads of European gas exchanges, Teréga plays a strategic role in meeting French and European energy challenges.

Our historic anchor in the great Southwest of France gives us a unique knowledge of the countries. This knowledge enables us to accelerate the development of interconnections between all of the large gas transport grids and to ensure security of supply.

In parallel, we work for the emergence of predominantly renewable energy to develop localized production. Our Research & Innovation is thus based on the resources of our territory, our infrastructure and a preferred network of local partners.


An agile organisation open to the world

Strong due to the expertise and agility of our employees, throughout our history we were able to integrate the various technological and social changes. In 2017, we chose to make it an advantage of our long-term strategy.

Thus, our business plan, IMPACTS 2025, places Teréga's strengths and its transformation plan in order to bring us even closer to our clients, by developing our effectiveness, with even more responsible projects, in the name of an influential and visible brand, and of an open, innovative and agile organisation.

For us, the concepts of fluidity, transversality, collaboration and anticipation of changes are essential to continue to meet the energy needs of our societies.

Our societies have profoundly changed and continue to rapidly evolve, especially due to digitalisation.


Natural gas in the new energy mix

For more than 70 years, we have deployed exceptional know-how in the development of natural gas transmission and storage infrastructures.

Due to this expertise, we are now able to design new solutions around our green businesses from biomethane or to imagine future projects such as Power to Gas which makes electricity storable and redistributable. Teréga is also preparing for the future by working on acceptance of new gases, such as synthetic hydrogen or methane.

Gas transmission

Transmission is achieved via a grid of over 5,000 km of pipes. Gas may be transported domestically or abroad, or it may be delivered from storage zones. We provide this transmission to manufacturing centres or delivery stations nearby urban areas in order to serve public distribution networks.

  • 15.6% of the French transport network
  • 2 connections with Spain

Gas storage

The gas is stored in immense underground aquifer reservoirs in Lussagnet (40) and Izaute (32). It makes it possible to provide secure energy supply for the country, especially during winter months, to regulate distribution, and to preserve energy independence and to control costs.

  • 24.5% of France's gas storage capacity
  • 2.84 Gm3 of marketable volume
Natural gas in the new energy mix

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