Findings of the “France discovers hydrogen” barometer

Findings of the “France discovers hydrogen” barometer

How do the French view hydrogen? How much do they know about this energy source? That is the central topic studied in the “France discovers hydrogen” barometer produced by Teréga. Produced in partnership with Harris Interactive, the barometer is the first large annual futures study concerning hydrogen in France.

What do the French think about hydrogen?

That is the question the “France discovers hydrogen” barometer aims to answer. Year after year, our survey has enabled us to discover changes in French opinions about hydrogen, along with their level of knowledge of a gas with which the general public is still unfamiliar.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, looks at:

  • their interest in topics relating to energy and the energy transition,

  • their knowledge of different energy sources, and hydrogen in particular,

  • their views on the challenges associated with the development of hydrogen.


of French people are interested in the challenges associated with energy


feel they are poorly informed on the subject of energy


know exactly what hydrogen is


have a positive opinion of hydrogen


think that developing hydrogen research is a good thing

View the barometer’s findings

To view the full findings of the “France discovers hydrogen” barometer, download the summary of the latest edition: