Investor, download Teréga’s presentation

Investor, download Teréga’s presentation

As a key regional and national player in the energy market, we have built up more than 75 years’ expertise in the development and operation of gas transport and storage infrastructures.

The central link in a chain that connects energy producers to energy consumers, our infrastructures are essential for the security of supply to private individuals and businesses alike. Historically located in the south-west region, we have more than 5,100 km of pipelines and 2 underground storage facilities, representing 15.6% of the French gas transport grid and 25.4% of national storage capacity respectively.

Located at the crossroads of major European gas flows, we occupy a key strategic position in a greater Europe of energy. We use this asset to ensure the fluidity of European gas markets and meet our commitments, in particular that of accelerating the energy transition.

Teréga, France’s number one independent gas infrastructure operator, saw turnover of €799 million with net profits of €95 million in 2022. Total turnover includes gas sales of €187 million due to network congestion as a result of the war in Ukraine, offset by purchases of €191 million. The difference of €4 million will be returned to Teréga through the CRCP mechanism. In addition, gas sales for grid balancing were €119 million in 2022, compared with €29 million in 2021, an increase mainly due to the rise in gas prices. They were neutralised by a gas purchase account and therefore have no impact on profit. Excluding balancing and congestion, turnover was €492 million. Transport business generated turnover of €329 million and storage €163 million. Those figures show the strength and resilience of Teréga’s model.

Our ambition is to support the transition of the French economy towards carbon neutrality by 2050. For several years now, this has led us to develop innovative solutions capable of creating tomorrow’s energy models. Convinced of the place and indispensable role of gas, we are investing, among other things, in the biomethane and hydrogen sectors in order to accelerate the energy transition at reasonable costs.