Investors, Teréga’s institutional publications

Investors, Teréga’s institutional publications

Here we offer you a selection of key institutional publications, including activity and sustainable development reports, to help you better understand our key role in the energy market and our ambitions.

Activity and sustainable development report

The creation of Trading Region France (TRF) in late 2018 resulted in a 27% increase in gas flows on the Teréga network in 2019. Teréga now operates in a single, interconnected, more attractive and more competitive market area.

In 2019, the transport business posted 5% growth, representing sales of €339 million. Storage activity is up 4.5% with a turnover of €161 million.

Teréga in brief

Find out why Teréga is a committed and major player in the energy market as well as an accelerator of the energy transition.

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