What is a Transport Grid Manager (GRT)?

Transport Grid Managers are European countries tasked with managing public electricity or gas energy transport grids.

In metropolitan France, there are two GRTs which manage the gas transport grid: Teréga in the Far South-West and GRTgaz in the rest of the country.

The transport grid of the GRTs is connected to the distribution grid, managed by energy suppliers and to which the majority of consumers are connected. Only some big consumers, such as industries, can be directly connected to the transport grid.

As a GRT, we are responsible for:

  • ensuring the maintenance and safety of the grid of pipelines,

  • developing the grid to ensure a balanced development across regions,

  • ensuring security of the supply,

  • managing gas flows between producers and consumers,

  • offering users fair access to the grid.

Committed to achieving carbon neutrality, the GRTs must also encourage access to the grid to the producers of renewable energies, such as biomethane.

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