"Territories and Industry" event at the Teréga Open Pau Pyrénées 2024

"Territories and Industry" event at the Teréga Open Pau Pyrénées 2024

February 22, 2024

Palais des Sports de Pau (64)

4:30pm - 8:00pm

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Teréga, TOPP’s title partner, will be taking part in two round-table discussions at the “Territoires & Industrie” event in Pau on 22 February, dealing with issues of fundamental importance to the future of the territories. The first will address the issue of industrial attractiveness, specifically how to educate and train for tomorrow’s industry and the contribution of innovation and technology to a territory’s attractiveness. The second round-table will focus on the challenges and opportunities of reindustrialisation, exploring issues such as funding for training, employment, decarbonisation and policies to support industry.

These discussions are important for stimulating the local economy while strengthening links with industry and raising the profile of the initiatives undertaken.

Launched by “La Gazette des communes” and “L'Usine Nouvelle”, the “Territoires & Industrie” event is a genuine opportunity to discuss and debate the reindustrialisation of our regions. This tour of France highlights the need for effective public-private partnerships to boost the local economy.
Building on the success of its first edition, the “Territoires & Industrie” event is preparing to visit five strategic towns, starting with Pau. The aim of the tour is to create a forum for dialogue and exchange between local players and industry, encouraging the emergence of innovative projects tailored to the specific needs of the region.

What are Teréga’s territorial initiatives?
Teréga makes the most of local talent and assets through a host of projects:

  • Teréga accélérateur d'énergies
    The “Teréga accélérateur d'énergies” (Teréga Energy Accelerator) endowment fund, created in August 2020, is a pillar of Teréga’s social and environmental commitment. This scheme aims to develop and support projects of general interest, focusing on four major priorities: the economic and social development of regions, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, social inclusion, and the promotion of scientific and cultural heritage.

  • Strengthening our commitment to sport
    In 2022, Teréga strengthened its commitment to the world of sport and associations, by supporting initiatives such as the CIC Tour Féminin International des Pyrénées, which highlights women in sport and sustainable mobility, while promoting the territory.

    Teréga has also been an official partner of “La Section Paloise” rugby club since 2016, sharing the same values of solidarity and attachment to the territory. This partnership demonstrates Teréga’s ongoing support for community and cultural life.

These various actions express a deep commitment to sustainable development and the growth of the South-West. By combining energy revolution, local project support and active participation in regional events, Teréga asserts its role as a key partner in the revitalisation and development of the territories it serves.