Le 14 mars 2019

At the crossroads between major european gas flows, Teréga confirms its status as a national player and posts its ambitions for 2019

2018 was particularly substantial for Teréga, as the company managed to re-create itself while adjusting to a fast-changing environment.

A year ago, TIGF became Teréga, a necessary development to underpin the modernity of its industrial strategy, its innovative vigour and its environmental commitment. The new brand also enabled the company to reveal its dual ambition: to stand out as a major player in the energy transition and an “accelerator of energy in territories”.

With this in mind, Teréga has partnered a new tennis event, the Teréga Open Pau-Pyrénées (the first of which was held in Pau in SouthWest France from 25 February to 3 March this year), and has joined the first PauPyrénées BigUp For Startup programme, aimed at developing business between large groups and start-ups/SMEs. These actions position Teréga as a catalyst of initiatives, a committed stakeholder and a creator of value, and at the same time boost its reputation on a national scale.