Interconnection points between France and Spain

Feb 21, 2017

Interconnection points between France and Spain

Interconnection agreement : Public consultation answers

Teréga shares the comments received during the public consultation, and the answers given.

Background :

In compliance with the provision of the article 4 of The Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 of 30 April 2015 establishing a network code on interoperability and data exchange rules, both Enagas and Teréga submit to public consultation the sections of the Interconnection Agreement document among Teréga , Enagas Transporte SAU and Enagas GTS SAU, sections established in the subsection 2 of the quoted article. The consultation predates the document signing.

Being the sections:

  • Rules for the matching process,

  • Rules for the allocation of gas quantities,

  • Communication procedures in case of exceptional situation.

Additionally they have been included :

  • Glossary,

  • Common referential,

  • Public consultation answers.