Gas storage: discover Teréga’s strategic advantages

Located at the crossroads of European gas exchanges, Teréga’s storage infrastructures present a wealth of advantages. The two historic sites at Lussagnet and Izaute are subject to continuous improvement to remain competitive, and also to meet energy performance requirements.


Technicien de maintenance en opération

Gas storage at Teréga: a strategic role and expertise

Teréga’s expertise in the field of gas storage underpins a quarter of France’s storage capacity. Our infrastructures are at the crossroads of European gas exchanges.

tubes park

Gas storage: Teréga’s projects for continuous improvement

To guarantee a quality service that meets the needs of the market, Teréga undertakes projects to modernise and develop its storage installations.

Lussagnet storage site

Teréga’s historic natural gas storage sites

Teréga’s two underground gas storage facilities – Lussagnet and Izaute – geographically close to each other, contribute to more than fifty years’ experience in storage operations.