Teréga’s strategic focus is aimed at innovation

The energy sector is going through a time of unprecedented upheaval and challenge. New solutions for the future are emerging, whose development Teréga wants to encourage: biomethane, hydrogen, synthetic methane, Natural Gas for Vehicles, multi-energy and so on. Innovation is highly strategic in our sector, because it is through innovation that we will manage to build the energy grid of tomorrow.

Energy transition: a strategic challenge that goes hand in hand with innovation

Méthalayou methanization site in Préchacq-Navarrenx

Green gases

Teréga is pursuing a number of projects to reach the national target of 7 to 10% renewable gas being consumed by 2030. In particular, we are working to develop the biomethane, hydrogen and synthetic methane sectors.

Teréga NVG vehicle

New uses

New, more environmentally friendly uses for gas are emerging. In mobility, in particular, with Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV or BioNGV). We are convinced that it is essential to support their development.

manomètre bar pression gaz

Our innovation strategy

All the strategic efforts being deployed by us have two primary objectives: to consolidate our position as an exemplary operator of gas infrastructures now and into the future, and to reassert our role as an accelerator of energy transition.

innovation project on new gases in partnership with the UPPA

Partnerships and participatory innovation

We feel it is through working together that future solutions can be put into action. That is why we are inviting our whole internal and external ecosystem to work together to build the energy system of tomorrow with us.