Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies patronage policy and governance

Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies patronage policy and governance

How do I request a grant? What are the project selection criteria? This page provides all the information you need to understand how the Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies endowment fund works.

What are the Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies governance arrangements?

Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies is a fully fledged legal entity with its own governance bodies. Its Board of Directors, chaired by Dominique Mockly, Teréga Chairman and General Manager, comprises three other administrators:

  • Laëtitia Mahenc, Strategic projects manager,

  • Navina Krieger, Manager, Investors relationships and CSR department,

  • Dominique Boquillon, Director of Communications.

The Fund also has a Steering Committee, comprising external personnel, the aim of which is to guide and challenge the choices made on initiatives:

  • Cécile Maisonneuve, President of La Fabrique de la Cité,

  • Michel-Hubert Jamard, Senior Communications Advisor at CVH Conseil and former Director of Communications for the Orano group (formerly AREVA).

  • Carine Salvy, independent Teréga Administrator, CEO of Mountain Path and Manager of Call Consult.

How do I submit a project to Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies?

To submit a request for a grant to Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies, you can use the application submission form to provide us with all the information we need about your organisation and your initiative.

Alternatively, you can download and complete the project sheet and send it to us directly at contact-fdd@terega.fr.

Annual endowment fund governance calendar

Annual endowment fund governance calendar

Any application submitted after the deadline will be considered at the next meeting.

How are the projects supported by the endowment fund chosen?

Before being submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, each project is assessed by a project analysis committee according to a number of criteria:

The endowment fund pursues four areas of development: supporting economic and social development in the far South-West; protecting biodiversity; encouraging social inclusion; promoting and sharing French scientific and cultural heritage.

What is the utility of the proposed action, given its location, needs, target objectives and commitment of resources?

The committee must assess the degree of confidence that can be placed in the organisation and the team running the project.

Is it any different from other projects in the response it provides?

Is the number of beneficiaries large in relation to the activity?

The initiative may be put forward by a Teréga Group employee who is heavily involved in the beneficiary organisation as an unpaid contributor. This is not real “sponsorship” as such, which is not financed by the endowment fund.

Are the actions being taken local to the regions in which the Teréga Group is based?

How long does it take to process a grant request?

The endowment fund’s Board of Directors meets between two and four times a year to assess the initiatives submitted to it. It decides on those deemed to be acceptable, and which fit the criteria listed above, as well as the Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies available budget. If there is a need to consolidate certain pieces of information, the project leader will be informed.

Projects which are accepted are then subject to an agreement between the requesting organisation and beneficiary and Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies. It is only once that agreement has been approved that the amount of the grant will finally be released.

In other cases, a rejection letter will be sent to organisations whose projects are not accepted.

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