Make gas
an accelerator
of the future

As a major actor in gas transport and storage infrastructures in France and in Europe, we are determined to make gas an accelerator of energy transition in the regions.

Safety, innovation, environment and commitments

Teréga: an actor in energy transition

Gas grid

Our local, national and European gas grid

Gas transport

  • 15,7 % of the French natural gas transport grid

  • 5,100 km of transport pipelines

  • 140,841 GWh of gas transported

  • 74 shippers (Transport)

Gas storage

  • 6.5 Gm3 of total gas storage capacity

  • 33,100 GWh de capacité de stockage souscrite soit 100 % de la capacité disponible

  • 31 shippers (Storage)

Gas transport pipeline

Making gas a doubly positive energy source

Managing the environmental impacts associated with our activities is an integral part of the company’s strategic plan.

Our aim:

To extend a culture of responsibility to all our business and day-to-day activities.

Panorama à Urrugne dans les Pyrénées

Making safety an absolute priority

We employ a structured and systematic approach, rooted in all our processes, to guarantee safety for all on a daily basis.

Our aim:

No accidents, No collisions, No surprises.

Pipe laying project
Key figures

Teréga in a few figures

Teréga provides its customers with a safe, high-performance grid, serving the energy needs of the regions. All our employees strive every day to meet our performance, quality and responsibility targets.