PARI 2025, Teréga’s ambitious security strategy

PARI 2025, Teréga’s ambitious security strategy

We are a European gas player and a recognised infrastructure manager. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure and maintain the safety of people, facilities and their environment, as our commitment is to ensure consistent operational excellence. Our safety strategy is thus rooted in an ambitious approach, since 2018: the PARI 2025 programme (Prevention of Accidents and Industrial Risks).

Safety, an absolute priority for Teréga with multiple dimensions

In a context of energy transition and very strong digitalisation, where the sector is changing, where our businesses are evolving with new activities (new gases, smart grids, etc.), new risks are emerging. Safety becomes plural.

This is why we have defined three main areas of risk management:

  • workplace safety: to preserve the physical and moral integrity of our employees and external contributors throughout their activities on all our sites and worksites,

  • industrial safety: protect our infrastructure from incidents, accidents or natural disasters,

  • safety and cybersecurity: ensure the integrity of our intangible assets, such as our computer systems, to protect Teréga from malicious acts. 

Our commitment to safety, embodied in our PARI 2025 corporate programme, has specific, clear and assertive objectives for each of the three areas:

  • Zero accidents,

  • Zero snagging,

  • Zero surprise.

Our commitment to developing a safety culture within Teréga contributes to ensuring the continuity of business activities and strengthening our resilience with regard to the important missions for which we are responsible. For us, this is a pillar of our corporate social responsibility approach.

Foundations of the Teréga safety strategy

In 2018, we initiated the PARI 2025 programme (Prevention of Accidents and Industrial Risks) to strengthen knowledge and control of the most important risks in our business. Because safety is the foundation of our business and a huge challenge. It involves our employees, partners, our facilities and their environment, etc.

Our approach is based on a structured and systematic method involving:

  • Technical actions,

  • Safety management systems,

  • Human and organisational factors.

Our ambition

Our ambition with this programme is to build a genuine safety culture, so that everyone acquires the reflex to think about safety as a criterion for all decisions. Its commitments imply the participation of our employees, each at their own level, as well as our subcontractors, suppliers, etc. In order to build a safer, more reliable professional environment. This is THE condition for success.

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How does Teréga build its safety approach?

One of our objectives is always to innovate in order to guarantee the continuity of our expertise through greater agility, reliability and anticipation. In terms of security, our approach is built around:

  • the creation of an integrated security culture;

  • the reinforcement of continuous practices;

  • the use of innovative means, both in terms of training and digitalisation.