What is Teréga Solutions?

Teréga Solutions is a subsidiary of Teréga SAS group.

Launched in 2021, its purpose is to promote renewable energies, industrial performance and decarbonisation projects to serve the territories. To achieve that, it develops solutions to the challenges facing different actors: biomethane, NGV and bioNGV, hydrogen, digital and multi-energy. Teréga Solutions conducts its activities through three complementary Business Units (BUs):

  • The Biomethane and Gas Mobility BU works to speed up the growth of the methanisation and NGV / Bio-NGV mobility sectors.

  • The Hydrogen BU supports the deployment of decarbonised hydrogen by helping develop high-performance storage, transport, compression and distribution solutions.  

  • The Multi-Energy and Digital BU aims to speed up the construction of smart multi-energy grids and, to that end, offers high-performance tools for operational control and improved energy efficiency.

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