What is the Hydrogen Plan in France?

In September 2020, the French government presented its national strategy for the development of decarbonised hydrogen.

That strategic plan sets out three main action areas:

1 - Decarbonising French industry

The first aim is to replace the carbonised hydrogen (produced from fossil fuels) used in industry today with clean hydrogen, produced by the electrolysis of water. The challenge therefore is to bring about the emergence of a French electrolysis industry producing decarbonised hydrogen at an affordable price.

2 - Developing heavy vehicles powered by decarbonised hydrogen

A target priority for France is the decarbonisation of heavy vehicles: trains, lorries, buses etc. By strengthening partnerships between local authorities and industry it hopes to develop the use of hydrogen on a national scale.

3 - Supporting hydrogen research and innovation

This commitment must allow France to make its mark as a major actor in the industry, by encouraging the industrial development of new technologies linked to decarbonised hydrogen.

Most importantly, this French hydrogen strategy is supported by the France Hydrogène organisation (formerly AFHYPAC), which brings together the French actors in hydrogen and fuel cells to speed up the development of the industry, meeting ADEME targets at the same time.

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