What is the Open Data Réseaux Énergies platform?

The Open Data Réseaux Énergies (Open Data Energy Networks, or ODRÉ) platform brings together data from energy operators, making it available to stakeholders.

The operators GRTgaz, RTE and Teréga were behind the creation of this platform in 2017, joined later by AFGNV, Weathernews France, Elengy, Storengy and Dunkerque LNG. The ODRÉ platform is expected to be enhanced by the addition of new multi-energy, multi-operator and multi-network data. The actors are engaged in a process of transparency, sharing data linked to the production, consumption and use of energy in France.

The aim of Open Data Réseaux Énergies is to provide transparency and increased knowledge among the public, territorial authorities and economic actors, to contribute to the development of energy policy.

Visit the Open Data Réseaux Énergies platform.

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