Teréga answers your questions

Teréga answers your questions

Are you wondering what Teréga does? Would you like to find out more about our projects, our gas infrastructures and their potential impacts? Here is where we give you some answers.

Often asked

Teréga is a gas transport grid and storage manager. We enable the gas to reach the local community distribution grid. From there, the distributor takes the gas to your home and connects you up if necessary. On your side of things, you enter into a contract not with us, but with your gas supplier. They will install a meter in your home and in your name. They will also be the company you deal with if you need any assistance, and they will send the request on to the distributor.

Teréga’s posts and yellow markers are there to show that there is an underground pipeline in the vicinity. Those posts also include the emergency number to call in the event of a problem: smell of gas, accident, something unusual affecting the surrounding plants and wildlife etc.

If you smell gas, call the gas emergency number: 0 800 028 800 (in France).

Companies and private individuals alike are obliged to fill in a Declaration of Intention to Commence Work (DICT) before starting a project. This allows you to tell us the nature of the planned work and its location. This means we can make sure the work does not risk causing damage to the gas grid, and we can ensure that your projects can go ahead in complete safety. If necessary, we will travel out free of charge to monitor your work.

To find out if there is currently work on the gas grid in your local area, look at our map featuring all our projects.

If you want gas to your home, be it natural gas or so-called “green” gas, you need to get in touch with a gas supplier. They will talk to the grid manager for your community so they can connect you if necessary.

The whole strip of land along the pipeline is covered by an “easement” (a right of access), meaning the owner of the land and the businesses operating in that area are under certain obligations: not to engage in construction work in that place, not to plant trees or erect any other fixed structure etc. If you want to develop the land in any way, you must submit a request so we can make sure your plans are safe.

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