What you need to know about Teréga’s safety commitment

What you need to know about Teréga’s safety commitment

We are a recognised infrastructure manager and a key regional actor. As such, we fully appreciate our responsibilities in terms of safety and managing the risks associated with our activities and our transport and storage infrastructures. That responsibility is in our very DNA. To the extent that it is now an integral part of our strategic ambition, spearheaded by our corporate programme PARI 2025 on accident and industrial risk prevention.

For Teréga, safety takes many forms

Our commitment to safety and risk management arises primarily from our desire to guarantee constant operational excellence. In that respect, safety has multiple aspects:

  • there is a moral duty and regulatory responsibility to safeguard people’s physical and moral integrity;

  • there is a need to protect assets – be they tangible, such as sites or structures, or intangible, such as our IT systems – against harm;

  • it helps ensure the continuity of economic activities;

  • it is a requirement for any sustainable development policy.

As a result, our concept of safety consists in controlling risks in three main areas:

  • safety in the workplace;

  • industrial safety;

  • security and cybersecurity.

For Teréga there are (at least) three safety objectives, not just one

Our public service mission to meet your needs and expectations involves safety in the workplace, industrial safety and security/cybersecurity. Our safety process therefore focuses on two essential approaches: conforming with safety rules (the more we follow the rules, the higher our level of safety will be); the safety initiative, meaning developing the habit at all levels of the company of seeing safety as a criterion in any decision that is made.

To guarantee maximum safety, we work particularly hard to assess, anticipate and rank risks by order of severity. We also commit ourselves to achieving specific, clear, stated objectives. There are three of them, and they are Teréga’s safety motto: No accidents, No collisions, No surprises.