Biomethanisation in Auros: a new connection for Teréga in collaboration with AgriEnergie

Dec 15, 2022

Biomethanisation in Auros: a new connection for Teréga in collaboration with AgriEnergie

Teréga, a gas operator working to accelerate the energy transition, recently commissioned a biomethane injection station in the commune of Auros, bringing the number of biomethane injection stations connected to its transmission grid to six.

For Teréga, this new connection is proof of a genuine desire to move forward hand in hand with the players of the agricultural world. Methanisation has many advantages in terms of energy transition challenges. We are proud of this new achievement with AgriEnergie, which enables us to connect the sixth biomethanisation unit to our gas transport grid. Dominique Mockly, Chairman and CEO of Teréga.

Methanisation is an excellent way of managing farm effluents while ensuring the sustainability of farms. It is also the result of a collaboration between local authorities, farmers, Teréga, all the players in the industry and private citizens. Together, we can develop a more sustainable future." Yannick Duffau, Chairman of AgriEnergie, Mayor of Brannens and Vice-President of SIPHEM, responsible for energy and local resources.

Teréga, stakeholder in the biomethane industry

Teréga, a responsible gas stakeholder involved in the sustainable development of the territories, is committed to meeting the requirements of the energy transition and involved in building the energy system of the future on a daily basis: a diversified mix giving a dominant place to renewable energies, enabling the territories’ energy supply to be sustained.

Teréga is thus committed to making its infrastructure more flexible and capable of accommodating the renewable gases produced on its territory.
By supporting farmers in their projects, Teréga is promoting the production of biomethane in particular, which has the advantage of initiating the transition of territories to renewable energies while promoting the development of a circular economy with the creation of additional income for farmers and jobs unlikely to be relocated.

AgriEnergie and Teréga, a long-term and in-depth project

AgriEnergie, a company created in 2019, arose from the common desire of nine Gironde farmers to join forces by diversifying their activities beyond their farms. From the feasibility study to the connection of the biogas plant to its transport grid, Teréga has accompanied AgriEnergie at every stage of the project. The biomethanisation unit, built on a former Teréga site in Auros, was connected to the network at the end of October 2022. Its injection rate is 100 Nm3/h.

A project central to territorial issues

The AgriEnergie biogas plant, initially designed to receive farm effluents, crop residues or CIVE (Intermediate Crops for Energy Recovery), will soon be coupled with a deconditioning unit which will eventually enable the recovery of bio-waste from local authorities (hospitals, school canteens, collective catering) and restaurants in the area.

A showcase site focused on best practice and education

The AgriEnergie site is one of the 10 units selected at a national level as part of the methanisation progress contract.
An educational programme designed for the general public and schools also aims to train local elected officials and technicians in the methanisation business. Thus, AgriEnergie will present the essential role of methanisation in the circular economy of the territories, through the recovery of bio-waste to produce local and renewable energy but also through a 2 hectare forest plot which will be replanted for educational purposes.