French gas system forecasts for winter 2022-2023

Le 14 sept. 2022

French gas system forecasts for winter 2022-2023

France’s gas system will have to tackle demand through a combination of careful stock management and consumer restraint.

Teréga and GRTgaz, the two gas distributor in France, presented a forecast of the French gas system for the next winter with an overview of the current situation and presenting the scenarios drawn up to guarantee gas supply in our territories.

Gas distribution operators are making every effort to manage the gas supply in close conjunction with France’s electric transport operator and the public authorities. Forecasts show that, in an average winter, the French gas system can meet demand while keeping the electric transport network running and actively contributing to Europe’s solidarity policy. Tensions may however arise during the winter months. To alleviate pressure, gas and electricity sobriety measures need to be introduced immediately to reduce the risks of enforcing consumption limits which only affects large consumers.