Methanisation: Teréga's aquisition in the Chadasaygas group

Le 11 déc. 2020

Methanisation: Teréga's aquisition in the Chadasaygas group

Methanisation: Teréga reaches a new milestone, announcing the acquisition via its subsidiary, Teréga Solutions, of a 40% stake in the Chadasaygas Group, a regional player in methanisation.

Chadasaygas develops, builds and operates methanisation units. Through its subsidiary, Méthajoule, the Group is known for its methanisation process, known as the “dry discontinuous” method, which is particularly suited to agricultural inputs, largely derived from solid animal waste.

We’re delighted with this merger, which reflects our shared vision of the future of energy, based on shared convictions. We’re proud to be playing a part in the development of an innovative company which is so keen to transform local raw materials into energy which will be good for the environment, and which will create wealth for the region. Dominique Mockly, Chairman of Teréga Solutions

I’m delighted and proud that our company can become part of a long-established French
industrial gas group. This merger, based around real shared values to serve the regions and their development, will help us speed up, consolidate and industrialise our processes in a spirit of integrated ecology.
Olivier Bouttes, Founder and Chairman of the Chadasaygas Group.