Le 19 sept. 2018

Patrick Hamou appointed Teréga Director of Operations

Patrick Hamou has been appointed Director of Operations, effective 15 September, and will become a member of Teréga's Executive Committee. He succeeds Paola Bonandrini, who has joined SNAM (a leading European natural gas transport and storage company and Teréga shareholder).

A graduate of IFP-EN institute and the Ecole Nationale de Géologie de Nancy elite engineering school, Patrick Hamou has extensive experience in the energy sector, acquired in the field of Exploration-Production. He began his international career at EXXON and SCHLUMBERGER in operations before embarking on a business adventure with EMGS in Norway. He then joined ENGIE for about ten years during which time he managed the construction of oil facilities in the North Sea. Upon his return to France 3 years ago, he managed the multinational's underground oil and gas exploration teams and then led the transformation project at the Group's headquarters.