Summer Outlook 2022: storage filling on track

Le 17 mai 2022

Summer Outlook 2022: storage filling on track

Every year, Teréga and GRTgaz prepare a Summer Outlook. The purpose of this regulatory
exercise is to check the shippers’ ability to refill gas storage before the start of winter, using a
variety of scenarios that take account of planned maintenance by infrastructure operators,
along with possible congestion that could arise on the grid due to gas flows.
The 2022 exercise, conducted in an unusual geopolitical context, confirms that the filling of
storage facilities is possible under certain conditions.

Storage filling well under way

At the end of the 2021-2022 gas winter, French storage stood at 23% percent full, a level close to the average for recent years (since 2018-2019). 
In mid-May, the level had risen to over 40% full, one month early compared with 2021. Meanwhile, Teréga’s storage level is verging on 50% full.

A high filling level target

Anticipation of winter 2022-2023, against the extraordinary backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with a forecast reduction in imports of Russian gas by Europe, means there is a need to fill French storage to the maximum.

100% filling possible

Filling of the storage to 100% is possible, even bearing in mind the small amounts of Russian gas being imported and exports to Switzerland and Belgium which are currently at maximum capacity, provided that supplies via the methane terminals and Spain are at very high usage levels, in line with the flows being seen since the start of the injection period.
French gas transport grid capacities are therefore sufficient to allow shippers to ensure their storage facilities are well filled between now and 31st October.