Teréga is launching a call for expressions of interest (CEI)

Jun 26, 2023

Teréga is launching a call for expressions of interest (CEI)

The integration of new renewable or low-carbon energies into our energy mix is a necessity, which implies the development of transport and storage infrastructures. Teréga recently launched HySoW, an infrastructure project dedicated to the transport and storage of hydrogen in the south-west region, the cornerstone of the European hydrogen backbone.
Teréga is also actively involved in PYCASSO, the infrastructure project dedicated to the transport, storage and recovery of CO2 (CCUS).

Teréga is launching a call for expressions of interest

Hydrogen and the CCUS sector are major levers for decarbonisation and will play a key role in ensuring France’s and Europe’s energy sovereignty. Teréga is thus positioning itself as a key player in this energy transition by launching this CEI for the future construction of hydrogen and CO2 infrastructures in the South-West.

With this in mind, Teréga aims to develop infrastructures for storing and transporting renewable, low-carbon hydrogen by 2030. These will help to decarbonise the major industrial and mobility hubs in the Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions by interconnecting them to hydrogen flows produced locally and from southern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic seaboard (French production and imports). The project will also help to enhance the security of supply and flexibility of the entire energy system by providing hydrogen storage capacity.

The HySow and PYCASSO projects

HySoW will comprise a corridor of around 600 km of pipelines, 30% of which can be converted from natural gas to hydrogen. The aim is to transport 16 TWh/year of carbon-free hydrogen throughout the South-West.

In parallel with the HySoW project, Teréga is leading the PYCASSO project, which
concerns the development of CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage or Recovery (CCUS)
infrastructures. This project is part of Teréga’s drive to accelerate the energy transition,
achieve carbon neutrality by offering manufacturers decarbonisation solutions and strengthen
France’s industrial fabric.

The call for expressions of interest (CEI) launched by Teréga aims to gather precise information on the needs of regional, national and European players in the field of hydrogen and CO2transport and storage. The results of this call for tenders will enable Teréga to optimise the design and sizing of its projects and provide the best possible response to the needs of stakeholders and local authorities.