Le 18 oct. 2022

Winter 2023-2024: Teréga begins its new gas storage auction campaign

Teréga, France’s top independent gas infrastructure operator in the Far South-West, is setting out its schedule and offers for the 2023/2024 sales campaign, which starts tomorrow, Wednesday 19 October.

Teréga’s storage volumes account for 26% of French capacity. The two underground sites at Lussagnet (Landes) and Izaute (Gers) help guarantee the security of the country’s energy supply, and their geographical position means they play a major role at the crossroads of South European gas exchanges.

An additional 22,700 GWh storage on sale

This year, given the exceptional situation, and in accordance with the deliberation of
the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) on 7 October 2022, the new sales
campaign will begin on Wednesday 19 October on the Storeplace platform. In these
auction sales, Teréga will offer customers an additional 22,700 GWh on top of the
10,500 GWh sold at the previous auctions. Three types of product with different
volumes and withdrawal speeds will be on offer, to suit every requirement:

● FIZZ, injection over 110 days and withdrawal over 85 days 🡺 15,200 GWh
● FAIR, injection over 110 days and withdrawal over 110 days 🡺 5,900 GWh
● FAST, injection over 110 days and withdrawal over 40 days 🡺 1,600 GWh