Teréga is supporting its industrial customers’ move to energy sobriety

Teréga is supporting its industrial customers’ move to energy sobriety

On 6 October 2022, the government unveiled an energy sobriety plan aimed at enabling France to achieve long-term energy independence while pursuing its carbon neutrality objectives. Since energy has a direct impact on the competitiveness of the industrial sector, Teréga is implementing specific actions to support its customers in deploying the government’s energy sobriety plan.

The energy sobriety plan: independence and decarbonisation

The energy sobriety plan announced by the government must thus contribute to us reducing by 10% our total energy consumption by 2024, compared to the 2019 baseline year. In the longer term, this approach will also enable us to drastically reduce our environmental footprint.

The war in Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis highlight the need to diversify our gas supply sources and to turn to renewable energies. As a first step, we need to respond to the almost total halt of gas supplies from Russia, which poses a risk to the country’s supply, one that is increased in the event of severe cold spells this winter.

The challenge is to reduce our gas consumption in order to reduce the strain on the grid and not to have to resort to load shedding operations. They would mainly affect large industrial consumers with a major impact on their activities and hence on the French economy.

Ecogaz: the 5-day forecasting tool of the level of strain on the gas network

The first tool designed to help control consumption, the Ecogaz website gives a five-day overview of the level of strain on the gas grid. Thanks to a very simple colour scale, Ecogaz indicates the level of consumption countrywide and provides alerts on the risks of imbalances that could lead to the load shedding of industrial sites. 

Ecogaz is encouraging the general public to contribute alongside companies, through eco-friendly actions, to reducing the level of strain on the grid and therefore the risk of loading shedding. To act collectively, Ecogaz has set up a commitment charter. Through this charter, Teréga is encouraging its customers and partners to sign the charter in order to greatly expand the scope of Ecogaz, both in terms of the transmission of alerts and the adoption of concrete measures to reduce their own consumption or calls for long-term sobriety within their ecosystem.

The mechanisms of the energy sobriety plan for industrial companies

In the event of an imbalance in the gas network, the energy sobriety plan can be reinforced by three mandatory or voluntary regulatory mechanisms for industrial companies connected to the transmission and distribution grids. Each mechanism can be triggered according to the level of strain on the grid, in this order:

  1. Distribution of consumption to preserve the volume of gas available in the grid for as long as possible in the winter and thus ensure delivery to consumers.

  2. Guaranteed interruptibility, which must enable peaks and the balance of the gas system to be managed to ensure delivery.

  3. Load shedding, which aims, as a last resort, to preserve the gas supply to residential consumers (heating, cooking).

To learn more about the principles of application of these mechanisms visit the Teréga customer portal.

Teréga is supporting its industrial customers with controlling their consumption

Against this background of a marked acceleration of energy sobriety objectives, we are developing our service offerings to best support our connected customers in controlling their consumption. 

You can now find on the customer portal, in your “My data” space, your consumption data per hour and 4-hour peak. This view allows you to monitor your consumption and guarantee it matches your subscriptions. The portal also has a specific page on the control and distribution of consumption, as well as a private API that allows you to automatically repatriate this dataset to your analysis and supervision systems. 

To go further and manage your energy consumption even more accurately, we have developed the new Teréga Box service offering that gives you fully-secure access to your consumption data in real time.

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