Industrial customers: teréga supports you according to your needs

Teréga provides the routing of gas through its grid to many industrial customers in the South-West region, for sectors as varied as chemistry, papermaking and construction materials. We offer you this opportunity to explore our reliable and transparent network, which carries nearly a third of total quantities of French gas.

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Terega network for industrials

Discover our connection offer

Access to our transport grid and gas connection is a guarantee of access to a reliable and transparent network.

Industrial offer

  • one or more supply points;

  • a branch line between the transport grid and the industrial site supply point;

  • completion of the connection infrastructure, its operation and maintenance;

  • a connection contract;

  • a services catalogue;

  • a transport contract, once you have chosen your energy supplier.

Connection offer
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Satisfaction survey among Teréga’s industrial customers

Evidence of our dedication to continuous improvement can be found in the satisfaction
survey conducted across all our industrial customers every two years. We ask them how
happy they are about their relationship with us, and seek their views on the reliability and
transparency of our offer to them.
In the 2023 survey, 98% said they were satisfied.

Download the 2023 customers survey
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Industrial clients account Manager

Jacques de la Torre

Mob.: +33 6 85 13 64 77

Industrial clients account Manager

Florent Meneguz
Port. : +33 7 77 28 16 95


Services catalogue (in french)

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Enquête de satisfaction clients industriels 2023

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