Biomethane producers: the connection offer to the teréga grid

Biomethane producers: the connection offer to the teréga grid

As an actor engaged in energy transition, Teréga has already connected a number of biomethane producers. Discover the benefits of our connection offer and how we work alongside you to bring your plans to inject and sell the gas you produce through our grid to fruition.

Biomethane producers: why connect to the terega grid?

Title / main reasons for injecting the biomethane you produce into the Teréga grid

  1. A grid mostly present in rural areas. This makes for greater acceptance of methanisation projects, far from urban and surrounding built-up areas.

  2. All injection capacities accepted. Use our biomethane simulator to assess yours.

  3. No seasonal dependency on gas consumption.

  4. Connection for all types of agricultural and/or industrial projects.

  5. Price rebate of up to 60% on the connection, to a limit of €600,000 (including injection station).

  6. Payment facilities and rental offer.

  7. Free-of-charge preliminary connection assessment This includes a detailed mapping with the distance to the grid, estimated connection costs, completion times etc.

  8. Personal project tracking with local dedicated contact people.

Our connection and injection offer

Our expertise lies in the completion and operation of the injection station, along with the branch connection to the gas transport grid; these are the items within the connection offer. These structures remain our property, and as a consequence we are responsible for their operation and maintenance.

The injection station is the key item within the connection; it is mainly there to check the quality of the methane being injected, to odorise it and to meter it for billing purposes.

 To support your connection to the gas grid, we have developed a range of services which you will find in our catalogue of services. It sets out the costed services we deliver, services which have been approved by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), the authority that oversees gas and electricity grid managers.

Flexibility in our offer

In addition to our service approach, Teréga offers injection station finance facilities to suit each project leader: 

  • Cash  

  • Staged 

As a further innovation in our support, we can even offer an alternative to cash investment, offering a “pay as you go” gas injection station rental package. This means you will encounter a spread of charges when starting up your production unit.

The total annual payment including rental of the injection station and its operation and maintenance.

Méthalayou, production of agricultural biomethane