Gas transport: discover Teréga’s commitments

For more than 75 years, Teréga has been bringing exceptional expertise to bear on the development and operation of gas transport infrastructures. This covers a network of more than 5,000 km of pipelines. The gas may be simply in transit or being fetched from storage sites.

Gaz transport

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Expertise that says “Teréga” through and through

At Teréga, the development and operation of gas transport infrastructures is primarily a matter of precision management. That expertise has a role to play in meeting the challenges of energy transition and regional development.

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Teréga’s commitments throughout its projects

Throughout every gas pipeline construction project, Teréga’s inalienable principles are safety, care for the environment, local economic development and lasting relationships with stakeholders.

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Teréga’s operation of the gas grid: the efficient choice

Teréga’s grid comprises two parts: the main grid and the regional grid. It takes the natural gas to the end users (industry and public distribution).

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Connection to the Teréga transport grid

Delivery to customers connected to the Teréga network represents around one third of the total quantities passing through, with nearly 450 delivery points.