Our desire: to release the energies of the regions

Our desire: to release the energies of the regions

A key player in the energy transition of the regions, Teréga plays an active role in the life of the greater Southwest. As a partner of local communities, businesses and associations, we encourage the economic, social and environmental development of our regions.

Regions: strategic players in the energy transition

At Teréga, we believe that regions have a decisive role to play in achieving the energy transition objectives set at national and European level. The local level, through the remit of the Regions and Public Establishments for Intercommunal Cooperation, makes it possible to implement innovative initiatives as close as possible to the reality and specific needs of the field. We are convinced that a successful energy transition must be synonymous with the creation of economic and industrial activities in the regions, but also a vector of social opportunities. This is why we are actively working with local stakeholders to structure channels around the energy transition and support the implementation of innovation projects.

Teréga alongside local authorities and stakeholders

Teréga’s expertise across the entire gas chain enables it to work alongside the regions to:

  • developing local production and use of gases of renewable origin (such as biomethane or hydrogen) in line with the challenges of the energy transition;

  • enable regions to interconnect production and use of renewable gas;

  • promote new uses, such as bioGNV - NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) mobility and those related to hydrogen.

Teréga supports territorial dynamics in terms of energy policy and respect for the environment:

  • We bring our expertise in the management, storage, transport of renewable gases and multi-energy management.

  • We are participating in the preparation of guidelines and roadmaps for the regions of Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in the Territorial Climate Air Energy Plans (PCAET), Ecological Transition Contracts and all the territorial measures in favour of energy and ecological transition.

  • We are co-constructing sectors around energy transition to develop the economic and industrial activity of the regions and boost employment (Territoires d'Industrie, Territoires d'Innovation de Grande Ambition projects). 

  • We support local initiatives to develop sustainable mobility, such as the TÉMOB network, an NGV and Bio-NGV filling station network covering Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

We share our data via the Open Data Energy Networks platform and provide information on networks and gas consumption to simplify the development and evaluation of energy policies.

Teréga commits to local gas production

In order to contribute to the energy transition of the regions, Teréga participates in the structuring of the biomethane, hydrogen and NGV-bioGNV (Natural Gas Vehicle) sectors in a circular economy approach.  We are committed to securing local supply and developing our gas facilities to enable the injection of renewable gas into our networks and contribute to the economic growth of the regions. Each infrastructure construction project that we carry out thus generates local spin-offs that generally account for between 15% and 20% of the total investment.

Teréga also assists methanisation unit project owners. Together, we design connection diagrams to our transmission network adapted to the technical and economic stakes of their projects.

Méthalayou, a project from the agricultural world

Commissioned in July 2018, the Méthalayou site was created by 15 farmers to pool their waste to produce biomethane. Teréga supported the project from preparation to operation, and the unit now injects 100 Nm3/h of biomethane into the network, equivalent to the consumption of nearly 800 households. It is also the first methanation site open to public subscription.

Discovering biomethane
Méthalayou agricultural methanisation site in Aquitaine, connected to the Teréga network.

Teréga, a sustainable partner for local businesses

Teréga is involved in regional economic development and deploys a purchasing policy based on a network of efficient and responsible local partners. We work in collaboration with a large number of local and regional entrepreneurs. They are involved in sectors of activity related to our businesses: technical studies, engineering, piping, boilermaking, civil engineering, information systems, etc.

We favour geographical proximity in the selection of our suppliers and subcontractors, with an equivalent offer quality, by ensuring the most uniform distribution possible between the different sizes of companies (VSE/SME/ETI/GE). Teréga has been generating €210 million in average purchases per year, i.e. more than 50%, from local companies for more than 4 years.

As signatories of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter, we involve our suppliers and subcontractors in our corporate social responsibility approach and we participate in the improvement of their performance. We ensure that they meet our commitments, particularly in terms of safety, health and environmental impact. We are building long-term partnerships to encourage them in their innovation and technical approval processes, so that our joint actions are in line with the challenges of the energy transition.

58 %

of the 2022 purchasing volume takes place in the Southwest

48 %

local suppliers

Teréga participates in the life of its regions

Ambassador of Béarn, Teréga is proud to contribute to the social life and the regional influence. In particular, we are sponsoring local sports clubs and have supported the creation of a new high-impact sporting event: the Teréga Open Pau-Pyrénées. To extend our commitment, a non-profit Endowment Fund has been established: Terega Energy Accelerator. Its aim is to support philanthropic actions and to showcase the talents of our regions, particularly through sports and cultural patronage, promotion of inclusion, and preservation of biodiversity.

Teréga, active supporter of regional sport

  • Official sponsor of the Teréga Open Pau-Pyrenees tennis tournament since 2019

  • Sponsor of Elan Béarnais since 2010

  • Sponsor of Section Paloise since 2016

The Teréga Open Pau-Pyrénées
Teréga Open Pau Pyrénées 2019