Jan 14, 2019

Record gas flows to Spain at the Pirineos VIP

Outgoing gas flows toward the Iberian Peninsula at the Franco-Spanish border, at the PIRINEOS point operated by Teréga, are currently undergoing a significant increase.

When the Trading Region France (TRF) became operational on 1 November 2018, flows quickly established themselves at a firm capacity level of 165 GWh/day. During the second half of December, flows to Spain reached an average level of 190 GWh/day, with several peaks above 200 GWh/day due to additional interruptible capacity subscriptions. On 10 January 2019, a new flow record was set for Spain at 225 GWh/day, a total made up of 165 GWh/day in firm and 60 GWh/day of interruptible capacity.