Le 23 oct. 2018

Teréga ready for the Trading Region France with the inauguration of its RGM project (Gascogne-Midi Reinforcement)

16 months after the start of construction, Teréga, a major player in the French gas market, has officially launched its new RGM pipeline – Gascogne-Midi Reinforcement – linking Lussagnet (Landes - 40) to Barran (Gers - 32) as well as adding a compressor at the Barbaira compressor station. This project is an essential step towards the creation of a single gas market in France.

“The commissioning of these infrastructures makes it possible to finalise the establishment of the single market in France. This zone will be operational for market players on 1 November. As a key element in the energy transition in France and Europe, gas thus has everything it takes to become a real accelerator of the energy model of the future.” Dominique Mockly – Chairman and Managing Director of Teréga

RGM is Teréga's main infrastructure project, providing a solution to the congestion in the existing gas network between the North and the South. It enables exchanges to be more fluid and contributes to security of supply. In response to market demand, Teréga's project teams have delivered a large-scale project built to high quality standards, on time and in compliance with budgets and regulations.

RGM, in conjunction with GRTgaz's Val-de-Saône programme, is part of the TRF: a single national marketplace that will be in operation as of November 1, 2018. The TRF will allow consumers to benefit from a single price for gas on the wholesale market in France. This new pipeline therefore has a dual purpose, both national and European:

  • To strengthen national infrastructures in order to facilitate gas flows and ensure security of supply.

  • To contribute to market integration in line with the European target model.

The successful construction of RGM was based on three fundamental pillars: Teréga's know-how in project management, its expertise in the area of people management and its proven technical capabilities.