Le 11 janv. 2019

Teréga introduces co-working

New workspaces are being introduced at Teréga. A new architectural style is gradually being introduced at the company's headquarters, the Espace Volta in Pau, which is transforming office spaces to improve the quality of the workplace by introducing flexibility and collaboration.

These co-working spaces are part of the "working differently" initiative and they allow us to look at a new way of working, the watchwords being: cross-functionality, communication, sharing, and ergonomics...

2018 thus witnessed the completion of a project at Teréga: its first co-working workspace, called "degree 339", a name that refers to its position in the circular Espace Volta building. With the support of the Pau-based agency Bliss, the Teréga General Resources Department was responsible for this project. " Teréga is an innovative company, always on the lookout for the latest innovations. Co-working seems to us to be perfectly in line with our philosophy. It is important to stress that the realisation and success of this project are above all due to the commitment of the team ," says Jean-Philippe Donato, Director of Teréga's General Resources Department.