Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies, Teréga’s endowment fund, becomes a patron of the Polar Pod maritime expedition

Le 6 juil. 2021

Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies, Teréga’s endowment fund, becomes a patron of the Polar Pod maritime expedition

Through its recently-created Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies endowment fund, Teréga, a committed actor in the energy transition, has become a patron of the Polar Pod maritime expedition set up by Jean-Louis Étienne. By making this commitment, Teréga is lending significant support to a project which will enable the collection of data of major scientific interest.

Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies: an endowment fund supporting activities in the general interest and regional development

With a budget of 500,000 euros, the Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies endowment fund is the
extension of Teréga’s Corporate social responsibility activities. It finances philanthropic projects in the general interest and capitalises on the strengths of our territories to promote economic and social development constructed in harmony with our regions and respectful of both the people and their environment.

As an independent, non-profit patronage system, Teréga Accélérateur d’Énergies supports
influential talent and initiatives to accompany the social and economic development of the far South-West, to preserve biodiversity, encourage social inclusion and promote French scientific and cultural heritage. To do that, the fund creates synergies between meaningful projects covering cultural, scientific, sporting, educational or social issues. In practical terms, the endowment fund concentrates on four main action areas:

  • Development of the regions and the sharing of success. By supporting projects that create activities with a direct effect on improving social life, the endowment fund helps maximise the benefits of positive initiatives taking place in the South-West and finances actions to support local talent.

  • Mobilising people around environmental protection and biodiversity. This commitment to the environment takes the form of support for original projects that include greater respect for the balance of nature and encourage actions to help preserve and develop biodiversity.

  • Supporting inclusion through training, and supporting improved employability. Teréga Accélérateur d’énergies is committed to promoting diversity and equality of opportunity. It is involved in the creation and development of action plans in education and training, professional integration and entrepreneurship, particularly through sport and digital technologies.

  • Contribution to the promotion of French scientific and cultural heritage. Since art is the reflection of movements occurring in our world and prefigures the world of tomorrow, the endowment fund supports artistic projects to encourage the emergence of new ways of thinking. The partnership with Centre Pompidou Accélérations fulfils two ambitions: to encourage interactions between the artistic and business worlds, and to establish a dialogue between creativity and innovation.