Teréga, Declaration paper signatorie of biomethane future

Le 8 déc. 2021

Teréga, Declaration paper signatorie of biomethane future

Teréga and 28 companies and organisations presented, in a online event, the Biomethane Declaration to Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy.

All the signatories of the Biomethane Declaration are keen to work with national and european policy makers and other stakeholders to scale-up biomethane in Europe, while ensuring full compliance with strict sustainability requirements and contributing to the circular economy with rural job creation for example.

Dominique Mockly, CEO of Teréga, introduced the event as Gas For Climate consortium chair.

"We are convinced that Biomethane can make a significant contribution to reach the objectives of the Fit for 55 package and carbon neutrality in 2050. It is the cheapest, most mature and easiest way to scale up renewable gas in Europe. Many estimates show that biomethane can represent at least 10% of today’s gas consumption by 2030.   We can also go much beyond that."