Teréga increases its gas supply capacity even further

Le 31 mars 2023

Teréga increases its gas supply capacity even further

At a time when security of the gas supply for French consumers is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, Teréga, the historic gas operator in the South West, is increasing capacity even further at the point of entry into its grid at Pirineos, the interconnection point with Spain. It is increasing firm capacities between May and October, and at the same time investing in the development of an additional 20 GWh/day from summer 2024.

While France is going through unprecedented times in terms of its gas supplies, measures to increase capacities were put in place last autumn. Given supply requirements and the need to proceed with maximum filling of storage sites before the winter period, we will make some changes over the coming months to enhance its facilities and be able to increase our capacity even further.

“With respect to the situation faced by France against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine and the shutdown of gas supplies from Russia, our duty as an operator is to do everything we can to offer optimal capacity for transporting gas coming in from Spain. These additional daily gigawatt-hours will help us meet the needs of users more effectively, and embark on our storage replenishment campaigns in a calmer fashion”
Dominique Mockly, Chairman and CEO of Teréga.