Biomethane: for a renewable energy mix

Biomethane is a renewable energy source with high added value for the energy transition. Produced locally by the repurposing of waste, it helps build a renewable energy mix which is decentralised and low-carbon, and at the same time encourages the economic development of the regions. That is why Teréga has committed itself to the development of the biomethane industry, supporting project owners in the regions where it operates.

Supporting the development of the biomethane industry

Biomethane: Challenges and opportunities

We are looking into all the issues associated with biomethane, with the aim of playing our part in the construction of a sector capable of speeding up developments in its use.

What is methanisation?

Methanisation is a process whereby renewable gas is produced from organic waste. It is a virtuous repurposing of waste that encourages the operation of a circular economy and makes a contribution to the ecological and energy transition.

Teréga, a flagship partner in biomethane

Support throughout the key stages of your biomethane project: connection, injection and gas storage, monitoring the development of biomethane production in the territory etc. We build on our strengths to encourage the take-off of the biomethane industry in France.