Teréga’s expertise making gas the driver of energy transition

Teréga’s expertise making gas the driver of energy transition

For more than 75 years, we have been a crucial local and national player in the energy industry. We bring our exceptional expertise to bear on the development and operation of gas transport infrastructures. The central link in a chain that connects energy producers to energy consumers, our infrastructures are essential for the security of supply to private individuals and businesses alike.

Gas transport, precision control at teréga

In essence, gas transport consists in collecting it at entry into the grid, and then routing it to a designated user or other transporter in the European gas chain. This involves managing flows. Within this gas industry landscape, our mission is to supply predefined quantities at the required gas quality to each interface point. We design it in accordance with a precise methodology. 

In fact, our management is based on complex and ongoing judgement processes to help us take best advantage of grid availability, whatever the weather. 

The gas movements we coordinate are based on daily detailed weather forecasts, consumption history and our customers’ needs. Thus we collect hundreds of pieces of data to feed into computer models which are fine-tuned for each geographical area.

In addition, we have simulation tools which help us identify requirements in terms of quantity and pressure, to adjust the flows, to identify any possible saturation points, but also to optimise our own energy consumption.

Adapting to make gas an energy source of the future

The energy sector is going through a time of unprecedented change and challenge. This changing situation involves:

  • the creation of a large European market;

  • increasing numbers of actors;

  • tighter regulations;

  • digital transformation;

  • The challenges of energy transition.

The effective launch of Trading Region France (TRF) on 1st November 2018 is the embodiment of this period of change. With this single gas zone in France, we are operating at the heart of an interconnected, stronger and more competitive market, where flows of gas are expected to increase significantly. So we have built an essential link in the TRF chain: the underground Gascogne-Midi Improvement (Renforcement Gascogne Midi, or RGM), gas pipeline, which links Lussagnet (Landes) to Barran (Gers).  It adds more transit capacity and enables North-South exchanges to run more smoothly.

799 M€

of total sales

492 M€

of sales (excluding balancing and congestion)

20 %

French gas volume in the Teréga network

Trading Region France (TRF): what does it change?

After fifteen years of steady evolution, this single gas market area for France finally came into being in January 2018. Jointly constructed by Teréga and GRTgaz, TRF has 5 benefits:

  • a single price reference for the French market

  • an exchange area with freer flows, more competitive and better integrated into the European market

  • greater security of supply

  • improved access to infrastructures

  • a process that boosts gas’s potential 

TRF is a major industrial ambition with benefits for consumers and industry alike. Its introduction means we can offer services beyond our traditional geographical area, even beyond our national borders. 

At teréga, gas transport is (also) linked to territory

We are situated at the crossroads of major European gas flows. In addition, we occupy a strategic position in the rise of a bigger Europe for energy. And, on a daily basis, we are a favoured partner in the development of our area. We continue investing to improve the safety, maintenance and resilience of infrastructures, for the optimisation of flows in the longer term.

Our constant objective is: to provide everyone with an ever safer, more efficient and environmentally integrated network. An approach, an ambition embodied by our IMPACTS 2025 strategic plan, to enable gas to play its role as a driver of energy transition.

Our regional gas transport mission consists in analysing the most detailed consumption forecasts, and designing a gas grid large enough to deal with the volume of exchanges. We also guarantee our acknowledged expertise in: 

  • gas transport safety,

  • distribution of flows,

  • quality monitoring.

Uttaro Kim

In the middle of energy transition, the gas ecosystem is evolving. Emerging technologies are a game-changer. We have initiated a process of harmonising practices and boosting skills across the whole chain of operations.

Uttaro KimTransport department manager

How does teréga guarantee fair access to the gas grid ?

We undertake to provide the same service to all our customers, in accordance with our non-discrimination and confidentiality obligations. To that end we have established a code of good conduct, which is binding on all our teams.

In addition, third party grid access (ATR) is provided alongside storage access as part of the conditions set down by French law and the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE). This means that all our tariffs and contracts are designed to satisfy the transparency obligations placed upon grid managers.