Discover the gas and energy transition activities

Deeply linked to the innovations of a rapidly changing sector, our activities are enriched by ever more advanced technological and digital skills. Their purpose is to design and implement new energy models that meet the challenges of security, respect for the environment and the well-being of populations. Joining us means being ready to evolve constantly so as to participate in the implementation of tomorrow’s energy solutions.

Who works at Teréga?

Teréga gas maintenance technicians

Why join Teréga?

Working at Teréga means choosing a dynamic professional life and societal engagement through practical action. We put our skills to work to be a part of the changes in the world of energy, the company and its regions.

Teréga's employees on a maintenance operation

Teréga profiles

Teréga’s employees constitute a pool of singular profiles. All driven by the spirit of innovation, they share a common goal: to imagine and implement responsible energy solutions.