The gas business: a unique professional experience

The gas business: a unique professional experience

Reflecting technological and societal changes, Teréga’s heritage of skills is particularly rich in diversity and uniqueness. From gas infrastructure operations to safety, the environment, innovation and digitalisation, all our expertise has a common goal: develop our gas infrastructures and our activities to accelerate the energy transition.

Jobs full of energy

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Gas transport and storage: a hothouse of unique activities

The gas transport and storage business requires special skills, where safety and respect for the environment are paramount. As a gas infrastructure operator, we have developed unique expertise in which our employees are trained. As the energy market is changing, technical and support activities are being enriched by increasingly sophisticated technological and digital expertise.

Our gas movement technicians are thus able to manage gas flows via an internal simulation tool, according to customer needs, the weather and in relation to adjacent operators, while continuously monitoring potential incidents on the network.

Throughout the year, maintenance of our highly secure infrastructures is carried out by our operating technicians in accordance with strict rules, and improvement projects are regularly conducted.

Thanks to all our teams, we have developed in-depth expertise in network management and simulation, gas equipment inspection and maintenance, work and site supervision, and regulatory management. A true heritage of diverse skills.

High-responsibility engineering activities

Operating infrastructures where gas transits give rise to a high level of responsibility towards our teams and the environment. This is why we have an in-house department dedicated to safety, health, security and cyber security, and the environment. For us, these points of vigilance are inseparable from our business activities and our engineers are constantly seeking new solutions to optimise the safety of our infrastructures and teams, but also limit the environmental impact of our activities.

Our needs are very demanding, so we employ geoscientists who ensure the integrity of our underground storage facilities. We have our own recognised Inspection Department authorised to inspect pressure equipment at storage sites. Experts also work on the preservation of biodiversity around our facilities, in cooperation with recognised national organisations.

Safety culture and concern for the environment are fundamental at Teréga. All our employees are aware of this, both in the field and in offices. We have launched two corporate programmes dedicated to these subjects, allowing us to set clear objectives and deploy effective solutions by involving all our employees:

Our commitments

  • The BE POSITIF programme provides the environmental pillar of our CSR process. The objective: progressively to eliminate the environmental footprint left by our activities, achieving a neutral environmental impact in 2020 and generating value by 2025.

  • Our commitment to safety, embodied in our PARI 2025 corporate programme, has specific, clear and assertive objectives: Zero accidents, Zero snagging, Zero surprise.


Profiles driven by the spirit of innovation

We are all responsible for our activities, but we are also driven by a common value: the spirit of innovation. In a rapidly changing sector, we design solutions for the future:

  • integrating new gases: supporting the development of renewable gas fields and addressing the issues of injecting them into our infrastructures;

  • developing new markets: designing and implementing new commercial offers that comply with changes in the French and European energy markets;

  • deploying innovative digital solutions: supporting changes in the gas industry by optimising infrastructure management, or designing intelligent multi-energy systems based on technologies such as the cloud, blockchain, artificial intelligence or machine learning.

This is why we regularly recruit new employees with varied, even atypical experience. What these profiles have in common is an inquisitive and ambitious mind, able to work in an agile environment, adapt continuously and cooperate both with other employees and our external partners. Together, we will succeed in implementing ambitious projects in the service of the energy transition.