Gas transportBouyer Leroux delivery station


Within the context of our network maintenance and safety operations, the BOUYER LEROUX delivery station at Gironde-sur-Dropt was identified as an installation requiring modification to ensure continuity of service. In fact, given the obsolescence of some equipment in the station and the desire to standardise installations, this one must therefore be replaced.

A new station will thus be constructed 140 metres away from the existing site, with displacement of the upstream gas network and installation of a new safety valve.


  • Modernisation of the delivery station and greater accessibility.
  • Operational optimisation and maintenance of operations through the integration of new equipment and materials.
  • Re-use of the existing cabin, which is still functional, to minimise costs and environmental impact.


  • March 2021: Studies

  • June 2023: work starts 

  • August 2023: connection and commissioning of the new delivery station to the BOUYER LEROUX site.