Gas distributors: teréga is on hand to meet your expectations

The relationship with distributors is built upon reliability and closeness, so this area is naturally yours. Here you will find everything you need to understand how we work, and to build with us a lasting relationship.

Connection to our gas transport grid

Terega network for distributors

Discover our connection offer

To provide gas transport right to the distribution grids, we offer a full, transparent range of products and services.

The distributor offer

  • one (or more) supply point(s)

  • a branch line between the transport grid and the supply point

  • completion of the connection infrastructure, its operation and maintenance

  • an interface contract

  • a services catalogue

  • a transport contract

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Gas distributors affairs Manager

Yves Freyssinier

Mob.: +33 7 77 23 20 06


Services catalogue (in french)

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