NGV actor: Teréga stands beside you as you create the mobility of the future

We have the ambition to be an accelerator of energy transition, so we want to share with you our convictions about the economic and sustainable NGV and BioNGV mobility industry. Discover the benefits of Natural Gas for Vehicles, our support services and our transport grid connection offer, so that together we can bring about ethical mobility.

NGV connections

Terega Network for NGV station owners

NGV station owners: Teréga supports your projects

Key stages in a project

Our ambition is to contribute to sustainable mobility. That is why, once your station’s market study is complete, we can support you through a preliminary assessment based on an expression of needs document. Next comes the feasibility study.

Key stages in a project
Installation of NGV station

Our connection offer

We can offer different options for connection to our grid for a public and/or private NGV station. Explore our connection contract and service offer catalogue in greater detail.

Connection offer
Teréga professional car running on CNG

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