Local authorities: teréga plays its part in developing your region

Historically rooted in the South-West of France, Teréga plays an active part in regional development, at the same time pushing for an energy mix that benefits the people and the regions. An accelerator of energy and synergy in the regions,

Teréga has established strong links with civil society, local businesses and the general public, so that it can contribute to the well-being and success of the region.

Teréga’s projects near to your community


Declaration of work: how do you approach this?

As a leading actor in the region, our commitment is to make safety an absolute priority, including when private individuals, businesses and local authorities are carrying out work. During the work preparation phase, there is a regulatory requirement to submit a Declaration of Intention to Commence Work (DICT) to our teams. That then enables us to provide project managers with the information they need, to prevent any damage. We simplify the process for you.

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Actions closely matched to your needs and expectations

We have a number of actions in place to support you in developing your region.

Diversifying the energy mix by developing renewable gases

With the challenges of the environment, climate and energy emergency, we are convinced that gas has a role to play in driving the construction of a low-carbon energy mix. That is why we particularly encourage the development of methanisation, methanation and Power-to-Gas. 

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methanation unit of Méthalayou in Aquitaine

Teréga, serving and supporting the regions

As a committed actor and accelerator of energy transition in our region, we are just as involved in initiatives and new approaches to energy use in our region as we are in local and social development projects, to enable communities in the far South-West of France to flourish.

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countryside around Goyrans

Being proactive on greenhouse gases

For a number of years now we have been committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric discharges. Encouraged by our effective and regular results, we continue our actions on reducing gas emissions during maintenance work, detecting and reducing diffuse losses, and optimising processes contributing to a drop in GHG discharges.  

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Panorama à Urrugne dans les Pyrénées

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