Gas transportRelocation and modernisation of the delivery station at the Saint-Girons paper mill

2021 - 2023

To meet the challenges of securing and maintaining gas supplies for our industrial customers, it was decided to relocate the delivery station at the Saint-Girons paper mill (Ariège).
Access to and maintenance of the station are difficult in an area classified as a flood zone, with the risk of torrential flooding as a responsible operator, the safety of people and our installations is our priority.


  • Replace the existing delivery station with a new cut-off valve (interface valve between Teréga and the paper mill customer)
  • Replace the existing shut-off station with a new delivery station
  • Install a safety valve about 100 m upstream of the new delivery station
  • Build a new DN150 connection over 460 m, between the new delivery station and the new cut-off valve, and shut down the existing DN50 connection


  •  April 2021 to March 2023: Studies (conceptual, basic and detailed)

  • March 2023: administrative authorisation

  • April 2023: start of works

  • End of August 2023: connection work and gas reconnection during the customer's maintenance shutdown period