Gas transportRenewal Villariès-Albi (REVA)


Built in 1974, the pipeline connecting the municipalities of Villaries (31) and Albi (81) is due to undergo a renewal project in order to ensure its safety and to maintain our gas transport grid. In order to comply with the regulatory and technical requirements, Teréga has decided to modernise and adapt the pipeline located between the municipalities of Villariès (31) and Albi (81).


  • Modernising and adapting the natural gas grid between Villariès and Albi, prioritising a route more favourable to the local area.
  • Maintaining the current supplies to the 14 public distribution grids and 7 industrial customers.
  • Contributing to the development of renewable gases thanks to the connection of NGV stations (St Sulpice) and methanisation units (Trifyl).


  • 2020-2024: Studies

  • 31 January - 6 March 2022: Public consultation

  • April 2023: Submission of DACE (Pre-order to build and operate) file

  • 2nd semester of 2024: Public inquiry

  • January 2025: Works undertaken

  • End 2026: Entry into service

Project contact

Jérôme Saint Macary

For any questions about the project