Gas transportRion-des-Landes (RDL)

2016 - 2019

Teréga’s Rion-des-Landes project was designed to meet the needs of the regions and improve regional gas supplies between Castets and Rion-des-Landes. This regional project initiated in 2016 makes the most of local development, with the creation of a new public distribution grid in the commune of Laluque (Landes), encouraging the boom in digital services. With the creation of this new pipeline, Teréga is also preparing for the future, with the possibility of bringing green gas into our grid.


  • Ensuring coverage of the region to allow the future transport of renewable (so-called “green”) gases.
  • Encouraging coverage by a new public distribution grid.
  • Participating in the expansion of digital services.


  • 2016: Conducting studies

  • September 2018: Completion of works

  • July 2019: Commissioning